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    Crosby, Tim - Hat Das Apostelkonzil Den Sabbat Abgeschafft


    Andrews, John N. - Time For Commencing The Sabbat (1855)
    Augsburger, Daniel A. - Pierre Viret On The Sabbath Commandment
    Bacchiocchi, Samuele - Matthew 11.28-30, Jesus's Rest And The Sabbath
    Bacchiocchi, Samuele - John 5.17, Negation Or Clarification Of The Sabbath
    Christian, Ed - 'Sabbat Is A Happy Day'. What Does Isaiah 58,13-14 Mean
    Cole, H. Ross - The Christian And Time-Keeping In Colossians 2.16 And Galatians 4.10
    Cole, H. Ross - The Sabbat And Genesis 2.1-3
    Cole, H. Ross - The Sabbath And The Alien
    Cole, H. Ross - The Sacred Times Prescribed In The Pentateuch. Old Testament Indicators Of The Extent Of Their Applicability
    Dederen, Raoul - On Esteeming One Day Better Than Another
    Gane, Roy - Sabbath And The New Covenant
    Giem, Paul - Sabbaton In Col 2.16
    Haynes, Carlyle B. - Christian Sabbat. Is It Saturday Or Sunday
    Holbrook, Frank B. - Did The Apostle Paul Abolish The Sabbath. Colossians 2,14-17 Revisited
    Johnston, Robert M. - Patriarchs, Rabbis, And Sabbath
    Johnston, Robert M. - The Eschatological Sabbath In John's Apocalypse, A Reconsideration
    MacPherson, Anthony - The Mark Of The Beast As A 'Sign Commandment' And 'Anti-Sabbath' In The Worship Crisis Of Revelation 12-14
    Martin, Troy - Pagan And Judeo-Christian Time-Keeping Schemes In Gal 4.10 And Col 2.16
    McIver, Robert K. - The Sabbath In The Gospel Of Matthew, A Paradigm For Understanding The Law In Matthew
    Reynolds, Edwin - 'Let No One Judge You'. Col 2.16-17 In Exegetical Perspective
    Rodriguez, Angel Manuel - The Biblical Sabbath. The Adventist Perspective
    Rodriguez, Angel Manuel - What About A Lunar Sabbat
    Shea, William H. - The Sabbath In Matthew 24.20
    Wood, Jim - Sabbath and Galatians 4.9-10

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